Record Store Day Live Broadcast!


This Saturday, April 16th, we’ll be broadcasting live, on-location from record stores across Vancouver. We’re teaming up with our friends at CJSF 90.1 fm to bring you comprehensive live coverage, simulcast on both stations. Tune in as we leap frog from shop to shop, checking out the shopping and the live music at Beat Street, Vinyl, Neptoon, and Red Cat Records. Don’t forget about our friends at ZuluHorses Records, and Audiopile! For band & set times by store, check them out on Facebook.

Come down to the shops for free shows, lots of deals on records, and to say ‘hi’!

Broadcast Set-list:

2-3: from Beat Street with DJ AK-44 & DJ Wood

3-4: from Neptoon with Eric Campbell & the Dirt

4-5: from Vinyl Records with Spruce Trap and JPNS GIRLS

5-6: from Red Cat with Ida Nilsen

6-7: from Neptoon with Hallow Moon

7-8: from Red Cat with Boreal Network


Or if you can’t make it out, just tune in to 101.9fm or 90.1fm or listen online at