Powerchord Fundrive 2016 Donor Prize Packs


Donate to Powerchord to be entered to win these prize packs! Donate: 

  • $15 – You’ll be entered to win 2 tickets to Cannibal Corpse, March 4th, and Both Music Packages
  • $10 – You can be entered to win Music Package 1 or Music Package 2 – Just pick one!


  • 2 Cannibal Corpse Tickets – March 4th 2016
  • Music Package 1 – CD’s (from Napalm Death, Dead Congregation, Sunno + Boris, Candlesmass, Pig Destroyer and MORE), Stickers, Patches, and Pins!
  • Music Package 2 – DVD’s (from Dio, Slip Knot, Hard N Heavy, Superjoint, Metal blade Records, Slayer), CD’s (from Katirun, Finite/Firecolt, Firecult), Tape (from Roctual Dictater), 7″ inch (from Black Wizard, Antideluvian, Apewor), Stickers.