From the CiTR Archives #21


Image: Wandering Lucy from the August 1994 issue of Discorder.

This week in From the CiTR Archives, we’ll take a listen to a MYSTERY reel from the station’s past. This one came to us with no description other than a single word: “Lindy”.

After listening through, we realized it was an early performance by Vancouver’s own Wandering Lucy, on CiTR’s Live from Thunderbird Radio Hell back in 1994. Originally from Ottawa, art school student Lindiwe Coyne started Wandering Lucy with the concept of a “one girl, one guitar, one robot”[1] solo act, with herself on voice, electric guitar and drum machine.

Later on, she’d head down to Olympia, Washington’s Dub Narcotic Studio to record an album with Calvin Johnson‘s K Records, joined by Brian Sparhawk on bass and Fred Armisen on drums.

A classic mid-90s dream pop performance! And now, thanks to the CiTR Audiotapes collection from UBC Library Open Collections, you can enjoy it forever.

Lindy [CiTR Audiotapes. UBC Open Collections]