CiTR Top 30 January 12, 2016


First edition of the charts for the new year are here! Locals dominating the top 5.

swim team

(* is Canadian, + is from Vancouver)

1 Swim Team*+ Freedom/Constraint Self-Released

2 Loscil*+ Sine Studies 2 Jaz

3 Grimes* Art Angels 4AD

4 Tough Customer*+ The Worst Demo Self-Released

5 Esmerine* Lost Voices Constellation

6 Did You Die*+ Weird Love Wiener

7 Rooms*+ It Takes A Lot To Show Up Pretzel

8 Benoit Pioulard Noyaux Morr Music

9 Majical Cloudz* Are You Alone? Arts & Crafts

10 Teleharmonium* Mother Generator Self-Released

11 Pictureplane Technomancer Anticon

12 Sheer Agony* Masterpiece Couple Skate

13 Moss Lime* Zoo Du Quebec Telephone Explosion

14 Dead Ghosts*+ Love And Death And All The Rest Burger

15 Reef Shark*+ Mind Race Big Smoke

16 Souns* Ambient A Deep Sea Mining Syndicate

17 Michael and the Slumberland Band*+ Thousand Years Under The Sun Self-Released

18 Futurekids* This Is Everything Self-Released

19 The Wainwright Sisters* Songs In The Dark MapleMusic Recordings

20 Jennylee Right On Rough Trade

21 Qasim Naqvi Preamble NNA Tapes

22 Talvihorros Discordia Jaz

23 The Dearly Bereft* Funeral Music Self-Released

24 Galerie Stratique* Faux World Statik

25 Kelley Stoltz In Triangle Time Castle Face

26 Maven CX*+ Overburnt Afterdrive Self-Released

27 The Hypnotics* Modern Art Entertainment New Values

28 Wilfred Kozub* What’s Gonna Become Of Us Zonik

29 The East Pointers* Secret Victory Self-Released

30 Buckman Coe*+ Malama Ka ?Aina Tonic