From the CiTR Archives #18


Image: J-card illustration for the Hip Type’s Tape-A-Mania album, from the April 1987 issue of Discorder.

This week in From the CiTR Archives, we’ll take a look at a unique experiment enacted by our intrepid DJs: Tape-A-Mania!!

The concept of Tape-A-Mania was using the listener “to record, manufacture and distribute” a series of albums on compact cassette. Back in 1987, during the heyday of home-taping, CiTR-FM and Discorder magazine got together to offer several concerts featuring local bands, broadcast live over the radio. The bands would play two half-hour sets, each long enough to cover one side of a cassette tape. The events would be publicized in advance, to let listeners know when to get their tapes ready, and a cut-out 3 panel J-card illustration for the album would be included in that month’s issue of Discorder.

This episode of Tape-A-Mania featured The Hip Type, a Vancouver-based punk/garage rock group, active from 1985 to 1989. Members included Tracy Brooks, Patrick Findler, Erica, Derek Bailey, Scott Beadle, Scott Chernoff, and Bruce Walter[1].

Now, thanks to the CiTR Audiotapes and Discorder collections from UBC Library Open Collections, you can get your tape deck out once again!!

Hip Type Side 1 from Tape-A-Mania [CiTR Audiotapes. UBC Open Collections]

Hip Type Side 2 from Tape-A-Mania [CiTR Audiotapes. UBC Open Collections]

Discorder. Apr 01, 1987 [Discorder. UBC Open Collections]