The World Tour of Quantum


The 60th anniversary of CERN (The European Organization for Nuclear Research) celebrates 2014 with events such as The World Tour of Quantum. Quantum is a dance piece where physics concepts are explored and demonstrated through dance. Arts Reporter Dannielle Piper attended one of the performances on October 16th, 2014 at The Scotiabank Dance Centre.

 Gilles Jobin is well known for his artistry. By using his residency at CERN to inspire new work, Quantum, it is certain that his creativity is limitless. As Gilles explains to me in my interview with him here while choreographing Quantum, scientists advised him on the laws of physics, their complexities and meanings with regards to how we move and take form.

As many watched the performance, I could not help but notice that they did so with a slight tilt of the head. Perhaps in a strained effort to identify the physics concepts being conveyed as many, myself included, had never seen either study meshed together in this way. Although intrigued by the performance, audience members pondered out loud as to whether the dance itself had some hidden meaning of which they were unaware.

Despite this, I found Quantum visually interesting, strangely engaging and even thought-provoking. The dancers intricately move to, from and through each other, mirroring and reacting to each other’s movements in an almost endless and seamless array of shapes and arrangements. At first, one might believe they do so with ease but a closer look shows that a great level of precision, detail and timing also accompanies their actions.

QUANTUM’s run at the Scotiabank Dance Centre ends on Saturday, October 18th. From there it will continue its world tour in countries such as Chile, Brazil, Switzerland, Peru and Spain. If you would like to see the final performances in Vancouver, please visit