CiTR January Workshop: Advanced DJing with DJ Kutcorners


Advanced DJ Workshop: 
An advanced DJ workshop, hosted by Kutcorners
Monday January 27th 6-8pm in the UBC Student Union Building, Room 212

In this workshop Matt Perry (Kutcorners) will explain the concept and execution behind the making of the “Live sets”, that he and Dj Marvel have been performing as “The Freshest”.  The workshop will detail the techniques he employs using Serato and Ableton Softwares and how to use them in conjunction with Live instruments and Midi controllers. Space is limited so if you are interested please RSVP to!

Kutcorners Biography

Kutcorners gained his musical experience as a DJ in the club circuit of Vancouver B.C. a long way from his original home of New Zealand. Over the last 12 or so years, he has done a fair share of original production work and remixes for labels such as Fool’s Gold, 11inch records, Young Robots as well as contributing creative direction to the musical collective known as “The Freshest” ( Kutcorners touches on a variety of genres, always with a strong focus on R&B and heavy basslines. He is also a full time product specialist for Serato (DJ software company)


Recent productions: 

 Body Party Remix (with Dj Marvel) as featured on Ciara: “Body Party (Kutcorners & Marvel Remix)” | Tracks | Pitchfork

 Telephoned – Last Time (Remix) On Fools Gold- 04 Last Time (Kutcorners Remix) by Telephoned on SoundCloud …

 Summers Song – Kutcorners – “Summers Song” – YouTube



 My Type of Party- Kutcorners – My Type Of Party mix by on 

 Diamond Mix-


Live Performance:

 The Freshest Live Sets w/ DJ Marvel

The Freshest ‘Live Set 1.0’ Feat. Kutcorners & Marvel

The Freshest ‘Live Set 2.0’ Feat. Kutcorners & Marvel

The Freshest ‘Live Set 5.0’ Feat. Kutcorners & Marvel


Serato/Pioneer DDJSX Performance video: 

Pioneer DDJ-SX Serato Performance Video – YouTube