24 Hours of Radio Art is on Friday!


On January 17, artists around the world celebrates RF

Check out what we have lined up for you!  !uoy rof pu denil evah ew tahw tuo kcehC

Midnight – 4am Bepi Crespan BEPI CRESPAN Presents Difficult music, harsh electronics, spoken word, cut-up/collage and general CRESPAN© weirdness courtesy of ANDREW PEKLER, AJ CHATON, AUTOPSIA, BRONSENSE, EMMA HENDRIX, ERDEM HELVACIOGLU, IF BWANA, KK NULL, JOHN M BENNETT, JUAN ANGEL ITALIANO, MARCELLO MERCADO, RUSTWORSHIP, TIM HECKER and TIME ATTENDANT.
4am – 7am Andy Hunter No One is Watching the Watchers No One is Watching the Watchers
7am – 9am Broken Sleep Broken Sleep (aka Scrambled Ego, Milf Wolf) Broken Sleep (aka Scrambled Ego, Milf Wolf) – 30 part collection of unreleased improvised drones, cathartic noise, and circuit bent beats made mostly after work in a smelly Vancouver jamspace, interspersed with field recordings from India, Nepal, and a BC Lions game.
9am – 11am Bepi Crespan BEPI CRESPAN Presents
11am – Noon Tim Fernandez
Noon – 3pm Oswaldo Perez Cabrera noize and korrosive poetry noize and korrosive poetry
3pm – 6pm Raghunath Ritch Forgotten Hymn A narrative wound through the medium of live audio experimentation: two souls of a seemingly paradoxical nature join forces to embark on a journey of shamanic healing.
Miki Aurora
6pm – 7pm Maegan Thomas Radio Arts Report The Arts Report tunes its frequency to the sound and transmission based art, with a dash of the uniquely listenable in music, that matters now in Vancouver. The Arts Report usually airs Weds at 5pm looking at ALL the types of art in Vancouver.
7pm – 9pm Meat Hands Instilling Fear in the Fearless Meat Hands invites all listeners to conduct a sustained observation, with ears as eyes, in order to appreciate the various rhythm and tones of their world, both natural and synthetic.
By comparing these various textures, the listener will develop an understanding, and passion for the rhythm of life. In this way the motors and machines of cities can be consciously attuned, so that every sound is transformed into an intoxicating orchestra of noises.
Listeners may at last hear without fear.
9pm – 11pm gak Hours 22 & 23 – “Transient Planned Noise Bursts with Announcements” For the fifth year running, gak (host of Exploding Head Movies) presents vintage music from the Fluxists who inspired this joyfully noisy day, although some tributes are in order for some recent deaths in the avantgarde community.
11pm – 12am Pyra Draculea Drowning in Past Lives; Floodplain. Two electronic and noise soundscapes relating to fluidity and ancestral memory.
10-12min piece CJ

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