Zombie Walk: The Walking Debt


This Thursday, October 31st between 12PM and 12:45PM join the AMS by parading through campus with the UBC Marching Band to raise awareness and harness support for the need for needs-based, upfront grants from the provincial govezombiesrnment!

If you are interested in joining, here are some ways that you can get involved:


As a zombie!
As a zombie you will be joining the parade and walking through campus, handing out flyers, scaring students, and putting on your best zombie face!
You will need to arrive at the SUB Ballroom by 11:30AM wearing ratty zombie clothing.
There will be fake blood and other make up to help make you look as scary as the debt so many students are burdened with!
The march will be leaving from the SUB and parading around the campus, arriving back at the SUB by 12:45PM where you will have help being turned back into the living!


As a zombie special effects artist!
This is a fancy name for the people who will help bloody up and make up the participants in this zombie walk!
You will need to arrive at the SUB Party Room by 11:20AM and help get everyone ready to go by 12PM!

If you are interested in getting involved, please contact Francesca McDowell
(exevents@ams.ubc.caor Tanner Bokor (604.822.2050) by Wednesday at 12PM to let them know both in what capacity as well as any time constraints you may have!