Shindig Night 5: M. Lund, Kill City Kids, PINEAPPLE


M. Lund

M. lund is a self-described lo-fi folk rock band from Vancouver. Their self-titled 6-track album, released last March, features an acoustic cover of the traditional folk tune “Waltzing Matilda”, embellished with bird sound effects.

Check out their full album here:

M.Lund cover art


Kill City Kids

This 3-piece avant pop Vancouver band began in 2011 by entering the studio to record “a mix of Nursery rhymes, cartoon sounds and choppy arrangements”, and have been going strong ever since. They describe their live shows as “over the top spectacle performances”.

Give their 2013 EP “False Creep” a listen here:

False Creep cover art



Check them out here:

Pineapple cover art


Come check these bands next Tuesday at the Railway Club!

Jokes for beer.