International Women's Day 2013 – 8am-8pm: All Female Identified Voices!


Today we will be featuring all female identified programming, music, organizations and voices – no uterus required, just the need to shout “I am woman hear me roar!” And duh, men and women should be listening, loving the music and thinking about the ladies they love and what they can do for the feminist i.e. humanist! cause.

Click through for a breakdown of what you will be hearing today, and don’t forget to check out some amazing local female talent at the Fundrive Finale & CiTR/Mint Records Pop Alliance Vol 3 Release!

8am Robin Bunton plays iconic female musicians from the past and present including a heaping serving of Canadian talent.

9am Young James aka Jamie Kendal-Ward will perform live and will chat with Maegan, Arts Dir, about her female identification.

9:30am Nicole, member of the FWord Media Collective at Coop Radio talks about the show, followed by excerpts from a recent FWord episode on the RCMP and Aboriginal women. We’ll also showcase an episode of WINGS (Women’s International News Gathering Service), produced by CJSF and syndicated on COOP, on Raging Grannies!

11am Stereo Blues all female edition with host, Dorothy Neufeld.

12pm The Student Exec ladies play tunes they love from female artists.

2pm Daphne Chan, boudoir photographer, talks about her “My Body is Cage” series where she explores female identity and body modification.

Karen Lam horror filmmaker shares her experiences as filmmaker in the horror genre and the Van International Women in Film Festival (March 7-10).

2:30 Members of Dance Dance Party ( No Boys. No Booze. No Judgment. [Legwarmers Optional]) and East Van Pillow Fight Club talk about spaces where women can move their bodies freely. They happen to be local artists too!

3pm Girls Vinyl Club! Sarah Cordingly, CiTR Music Dir, brings together vinyl lovers to play some rad tunes, talk about the music they love and being ladies who love wax.

4:30pm Laurel Borrowman, Editor of Discorder Magazine, hosts an all female version of Discorder Radio.

5pm Claire & Morgan, co-News Directors, host a News 101 dedicated to news for and about women, plus an interview with WAM! (Women, Action & the Media!)

6pm A visit to EWMA (Enterprising Women Making Art), an ATIRA Women’s Resource Centre project, and a chat with organizers and artists who use this space to make, sell and empower female artists.

6:30pm Rhythms India, hosted by Nalini, presents a women only line up and an interview with Global Mothers, a not for profit who connects artisan mothers with global consumers.

7:15pm Sara Lapsley concludes our programming with music (she promoises Bikini Kill, Wild Flag, Volumizer, The Dishrags and more) and thoughts on International Women’s Day.

Official programming concludes at 8pm but stay tuned for a special IWD African Rhythms with David Love Jones featuring Siobhan Barker live in Siobhan Barker  was featured in Great Black North Poetry, an anthology that’s been featured before on the Arts Report!