Dress Yo'self at the Fundrive Finale silent auction


Friday is our Fundrive Finale at Chapel Arts. Laughs, music, drinks, fun – mad swag.

By bidding on our sponsor gifts, you get amazing items for way less than they usually costs and CiTR gets even closer to their goal.

Look so fresh after the Finale thanks to:

East Vanity Parlour, has a free do and other goodies. Or if you want a simpler look, there’s goods from Belmont Barbershop.

Then put a hat on it from Goorin Bros. And a shirt on it from Bang On.

You can snag GCs from local designers Wasted Effort, Nouvelle Nouvelle and Fluevog Shoes (including a Design House Tour to see weird shoes in the making!).

If you’re in a more permanent frame of mind, there’s gifts and Gift Certificates from Sanitary Electric Company and the Fall Tattooing & Gallery.

More stuff is coming in all the time, see the full selection at the party!

Chad of SETCo inks visitors at Tobias Wong Exhibit at MOV