Arts Project – AMP @ Chutzpah! 2013 (Feb 17th with Talk Back)


This past week the Arts Report was preempted (gladly) for the Homelessness Marathon. Here’s a project we were working on this week to keep you in arts until next week. And mark your calendars for March 6th for our Fundrive show and March 8th where we’ll be having a International Women’s Day Marathon 8am to 8pm with all female identified programming!

On Sunday, Feb 17th the Arts Report attended AMP: Sidra Bell Dance New York & LEVYdance.  LEVYdance performed duet Falling After Too, solo piece if this small space, and multi- duet Physics. Sidra Bell Dance NYperformed Nudity.

Listen to a review, interviews with Sidra and the dancers, and excerpts from the post show talk back. If you are a dancer or interested in dance you’ll hear details from movement to costuming to music, including the process work before a move was planned!

Music is Swingur by Low Motion Disco whose work was used in the score for Nudity.

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