DJ (Mixing) Training and Workshops: Summer Sessions


What is DJing 101.9?

It’s CiTR’s DJ training program for members and students. It’s FREE for students and members and is an extensive course on the many aspects of mixing music. The goal for everyone is to be able to make a mixtape that you can pass around and to have you join CiTR’s DJing team for event planning and the general love of mixed music.

The summer semester lessons are starting up and you and your friends can enroll in the beginner’s course by attending our orientation meeting! No experience is necessary, and all you need to get in on the action is a laptop.

How is it structured?

Each week for four weeks, we go through a 2 hour session where we cover a fundamental aspect of DJing, and follow it up with an hour workshop that anyone (registered or not) can attend.

  • Week 1: Pop Song Structure and Rhythm
  • Week 1 Workshop: Music/Artist/Genre Show and Tell
  • Week 2: Loops (and loops and loops and loops and loops)
  • Week 2 Workshop: Scratching and Manual Beatmatching
  • Week 3: Key Signatures and the Effects of Tones
  • Week 3 Workshop: How to Find Key Signatures for Dummies (no music education necessary!)
  • Week 4: Song Combinations and Set Composition
  • Week 4 Workshop: Music Appreciation 102 (breakdown and analysis of professional DJ mixtapes)

WORKSHOPS are open to anyone. CLASSES require you to come to orientation and register.

How to Register

Orientation happens in the Student Union Building on Friday May 11th in room 205. If you use Facebook, join our event page and invite your friends:

What if I can’t commit to weekly classes right now?

We’ll run more in the upcoming months. Also, ANYONE can attend the drop-in workshops.

What if I can’t come to orientation or have questions?

E-mail to let us know and we’ll send you the registration link if there are spots left after orientation.