Do we have NEWS for you!


Hey Newsies!

Looking to get the inside scoop on UBC politics?

We are currently seeking one (1) intrepid individual to join our News team as AMS correspondent. The journalist will be expected to attend regular AMS meetings every second Wednesday evenings and either produce a segment for the program or provide a summary live on-air.

This position offers the opportunity to join our News team and become an integral part of campus life, with none of the constant brow-beating that regular contributors receive for not producing content…

News 101 runs Mondays and Fridays from 5-6pm. See you there!


BOLD and SCRUPULOUS volunteers to join our News team as reporters!

Is there an issue that you want to learn more about? Something that you believe that the community needs to know about? We are currently seeking individuals to help us produce content for campus news, community news, and Vancouver-based news.

News stories can range from coverage of local events to interviews to everything in between – essentially, anything that you find interesting and that you can provide fair and balanced coverage of.

Equipment and training are available if needed. Correspondents will also have the opportunity to anchor on News 101 on Mondays and Fridays from 5pm-6pm!

Come join our team and help create an informed community!

Email if you’re interested!