February 24th @ Interurban Gallery (1 East hastings)

Music AND an art show? I can wear my black turtleneck and my black hoodie! And you should to. Help celebrate the release of Wintermitts’ new album Oceans and enjoy the artwork of David Thomas Manzl, creator of the album’s artwork.

Wintermitts have created the latest addition to their catalogue and easily their most refined album to date, Oceans. Produced by Kees Dekker (Plants and Animals, Rah Rah), Oceans is a lesson in dazzling orchestral pop.
Oceans is a world all its own — an album that only six friends, living in the rain-soaked left hand corner of Canada, with a pile of string and brass instruments, could have made — and they’d like to welcome you into it.

Aunts and Uncles formed in the spring of 2009 in Vancouver, Canada combining members from an eclectic mix of bands, including the SSRIs, Like Animals Again, and The Barcelona Chair (although not really sound like any of those bands when they play together.) This genre-blending trio specializes in intricate and dynamic baroque indie pop, featuring a foundation of violin, baritone guitar, drums, glokenspiel, ukulele and keyboards, rounded out by strong vocal harmonies.

The Kingsgate Chorus was an accident waiting to happen. And when a small group of young people gathered in a living room to sing cover songs, it happened! Almost exactly one year later, the 30 members of the Kingsgate Chorus are rocking Mount Pleasant with their original arrangements of popular songs, old and new.

David Thomas Manzl is originally a Hamilton, but has lived out West for 10 years now and become an integral part to Vancouver’s art, design and music community. David Thomas Manzl mixes vector art with paint and other mixed media. He can also design rad show posters.

Sarah Buchanan will also be there spinning records.

Free art opening and reception at 8:00 PM.
$10.00 cover after 9PM.
$8 advance tickets vailable from Red Cat, Scratch, or Zulu.

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