CiTR Proudly Sponsors: Doldrums, Teen Daze and Myths at the Waldorf Cabaret


Thursday February 2nd!

Head down to the Waldorf Cabaret and make sure you don’t miss this awesome event featuring No Pain in Pop recording artist

DOLDRUMS (Toronto / No Pain in Pop)
Doldrums is a musical venture produced by Canadian artist Airick Woodhead. His androgynous voice comes across mid-panic attack, floating in a sea of chopped up samples, disembodied vocals and tribal percussion. Spearing between electro-hallucinogenic freak outs and languid nostalgia, his tracks somehow manage to elevate classic pop melodies above a sample saturated sound collage.

Doldrums: Empire Sounds by alteredzones

with local guests



Make sure you check out the Facebook event for more information!