Glass waterbottles a fundraiser for CiTR


The bottled water industry makes obnoxious amounts of $ bottling our natural resource and filling up landfills. To offer an alternative, Nattolie Chilton started her own social enterprise to reduce environmental impact and redirect money back into the hands of citizens and groups to fuel positive change. The Glass Roots makes it easy to act sustainably by selling beautiful, re-usable glass water bottles ( $4.95 + tax) – and is donating $1 to CiTR for every bottle sold! Other fundraising inquiries are warmly welcomed.

In addition, the Glass Roots Intiative has committed to donate over $2,000 to Be The Change Earth Alliance by donating an on-going 20% from glass water bottle sales to fund Be the Change Symposiums. Environment Canada has provided a grant of $50,000 to support these inspiring workshops, held in local schools and community centres to educate youth and adults on sustainability! Symposiums are offered free of charge, with donations over $10 receiving tax receipts.

If you are interested in purchasing a reusable water bottle and supporting CiTR and environmental awareness, visit the CiTR office.