VIVO presents Extreme Animals


CiTR is sponsoring The Extreme Animals Sit Down: Music is a Question with No Answer with Jacob Ciocci + David Wightman taking place on Sunday, September 12. Doors at 8pm, reception at 9pm, cover is $10.

Jacob Ciocci and David Wightman (Extreme Animals, Paper Rad, You Can’t Do That on Television) present a mash-up of live music, video, staged theatrics, and global meltdowns. They choreograph a disjunctive array of live shredding, extreme feedback, YouTube bombardment, ecstatic dance moves, and Sunday morning cartoons. Their newest performance delves into the world of tween culture and the current obsession with the infinite hall of mirrors known as “forever young”. Performers sell their soul Paganini-style to become vampires cursed to bleed all over their instruments for all time.