CiTR alumnus Susanne Tabata promotes Vancouver punk rock documentary at DOXA


Susanne Tabata interviewing Joey Ramone, photo by Bev Davies
Susanne Tabata, director of the film Bloodied But Unbowed, describes her start at CiTR in Discorder‘s article about the film.

“I was a university student at UBC and I had my own radio show on CiTR,” Susanne says, in Discorder’s column Film Stripped. “CiTR was so important in the story because at the time, there was a concert promoting company, called Perryscope Concerts. They had set up shop in Vancouver and brought in all those bands. They brought in the Iggys and the Ramones and all that and the unknowns at the time. [Local promoter] Norman Perry used to tap into the university crowd to listen to and get a sense of what we thought what was the good music to listen to. He was a terrific ear for what the underground student population thought would be an interesting musical direction. CiTR was really influential back then.”

Also, Adam Janusz will be interviewing Susanne Tabata, Randy Rampage and Jim Cummings on the Arts Report on Wednesday, May 12 from 5-6:00 PM, so listen in.

The Georgia Strait and Vancouver Courier also interviewed Susanne Tabata this week, with shout outs to CiTR. Check it out!

The world premiere of Bloodied But Unbowed is Thursday, May 13 at 8 p.m. at the Granville 7 theatre.