Yes! CiTR Pop Alliance compilation is a reality!


Oh man. Becky, Chris & I have pulled it off: The CiTR Pop Alliance compilation for this year’s FunDrive is for real. Donate $10 or more to one of our shows and you will receive a killer (KILLER!) CDR featuring:

* Fanshaw
* Fine Mist
* No Kids with Rose Melberg
* Boogie Monster
* Basketball
* Makeout Videtape
* B-Lines
* Apollo Ghosts
* Kidnap Kids!
* Bible Belts
* Tyranahorse
* Role Mach

Thanks so much to the bands for donating their tracks to this comp. So generous! And thanks to all of you who have already donated and will receiving this nugget just as soon as I complete the artwork (very soon)!

If you want one yourself, call into CiTR today: 604-822-8648; or donate online:


(posted by Duncan at Duncan’s Donuts)