Meet the Filmmakers


meet the filmmakersCineworks presents Meet the Filmmakers, a series of cinematic salons with film creatives. All salons are FREE and take place at the CINEWORKS STUDIO with street entrance through the Pacific Cinémathèque at 1131 HOWE.

These insightful and informal discussions with artists attending the Vancouver International Film festival provide a rare opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogue with the creative visionaries of modern cinema. Salons are FREE–just bring your love of film and prepare to be inspired!

Here’s the schedule…. for information visit the Cineworks!

THE ARTFUL DOC: Sunday, 04 October, 3pm
OUR PLANET: DOCS WITH A CAUSE: Tuesday, 06 October, 5pm
GERALD PEARY in conversation with SHARON KAHANOFF: Friday, 09 October, 3pm
TRIMPIN + PETER ESMONDE in conversation with JEAN ROUTHIER: Friday, 09 October, 5pm
VIC SARIN in conversation with MICHAEL BOUCHER: Saturday, 10 October, 2:30pm
PETR LOM in conversation with MOHAMMAD SALEMY: Saturday, 10 October, 4pm
GENRE BUSTING DOCS: Tuesday, 13 October, 3pm
SHERRY WHITE in conversation with MARY BISSELL: Tuesday, 13 October, 6pm
MARILYN THOMAS + KATE KROLL in conversation with JACQUELINE SAMUDA: Wed, 14 October, 5:30pm
First Time Directors: Thursday, 15 October, 5:30pm