This Fringey Life


logo-highres2Welcome to “This Fringey Life”, a daily series of podcasts interviewing performers at the Vancouver International Fringe Festival. Between Sept. 9-20, a podcast will appear at daily, celebrating these spontaneous, surprising and remarkable pieces of theatre. “This Fringey Life” is produced by CiTR 101.9 FM, on the web and via podcast. Here is the intro to “This Fringey Life“, produced by Kliph Nesteroff from LaughTracks (CiTR, Thursdays 1-2:00 PM).

This Fringey Life Podcast #1: Sept.9 Opening Gala
Brenda Grunau interviews David Jordan, Executive Director, after the Opening Gala

This Fringey Life Podcast #2: Sept.10 The First Time
Jennifer Lee Gunson interviews Sarah Szloboda from the show The First Time about how her show came about and one particular story about clogging a toilet!

This Fringey Life Podcast #3: The Honeymoon Period Is Officially Over Sept.11
Paul Zuurbier interviews Gemma Wilcox of The Honeymoon Period Is Officially Over about creating the multitude of characters in her production.

This Fringey Life Podcast #4: Sept.12 The Accident
Paul Zuurbier interviews Australian Jonno Katz about his award-winning show The Accident

This Fringey Life Podcast #5: Sept.13 The Peter ‘n Chris Show
Naseam Ahmadi interviews Peter and Chris of The Peter ‘n Chris Show!

This Fringey Life Podcast #6: Sept 14 The Saddest Girl in the World
Carrie Baptist interviews Tina about her sadness in The Saddest Girl in the World.

This Fringey Life Podcast #7: Sept 15 Jem Rolls
CiTR’s Tracy Fuller speaks to Jem Rolls about how he’s picked up the self effacing nature of Canadians in his new show, jem rolls’ LEASTEST FLOPS.

This Fringey Life Podcast #8: Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead
Chris Drake from Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead discusses his respect for the Peanuts characters and how audiences responses range from laughter to tears.

This Fringey Life Podcast #9: Are You Priest Enough
Andrew Longhurst interviews Bob Legare about the “twisted version of reality” in Are You Priest Enough?

This Fringey Life Podcast #10: Shoe Horn Comedy
Amy Zion and Devin Mackenzie interview Chris Drake and John Brennan from Shoe Horn Comedy, and discuss their fear of props and cues…and their “physical” relationship.

This Fringey Life Podcast #11: Red Bastard
CiTR’s Julie Peters interviews Eric Davis (AKA Red Bastard) about the fun of taking the piss during his audience participation heavy show.

This Fringey Life Podcast #12: Fringe Awards Night
CiTR’s Tracy Fuller recorded the Fringe Awards Night, held on September 20 and it’s all here for your enjoyment!