Call-outs with Montreal’s Catherine Colas

Earlier this summer, Montreal-based DJ, promoter and Prime Mate co-founder Patrick Mocan was called out on social media for allegedly being a sexual predator. What began as a Facebook post by fellow Montreal-based musician, DJ and promoter Catherine Colas snowballed into a social media frenzy. Discorder caught up with Colas in Montreal to discuss her experience. TW: sexual assault

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Karoline Leblanc

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Open Up

“And if you complain about the weather then you are just confused about what you’re even complaining about.”


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Clusters is your next door neighbour who drives his offspring around in a minivan, wears sweater vests to Sunday service and loves having his wife…

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In the music video for “Come,” the opening track of their self-titled EP, She-Devils introduce themselves perfectly. The pastel pink hues and low contrast is…