Voice of Korea Episode July 2, 2014

Voice of Korea by Sally

3:00pm - 4:10pm

The last story
introduction of musicians and their songs, brief talk with guest
Last Story of VOK!

1. Tako&JHyung [The word that can't be told well]

2. Jazzyfact [Addicted 2]

3. The tourist [Floral Rain]

4. Leessang [Can't break up girl, can't break away boy]

5. Verbal Jint [You deserve better]

6. Nell [Walking through the time of remembrance]

7. Psy [What should have been]

8. GOD [Sky blue promise]

9. Kim kwang seok [Into the breeze]

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Track Listing:

The word that can't be told well
Tako&JHyung · The work that can't be told well
Addicted 2
Jazzyfact · Lifes like
Floral rain
The tourist · The tourist
Can't break up girl, can't break away boy
Leessang · Hexagonal
You deserve better
Verbal Jint · 10 years of misinterpretation
Walking through the time of remembrance
Nell · Separation anxiety
What should have been
Psy · Psy album 6 part 1
Sky blue promise
God · Chapter 8
Into the breeze
Kim kwang seok · Kim kwang seok 4th album