Trancendance Episode May 24, 2015

Trancendance on 24-May-2015

10:00pm - 12:00am

Guest DJ Dilly D playing psytrance, dj Smiley Mike playing progressive psytrance with Serato DJ and Akai AFX
guest dj Dilly D aka Mukishiro

Track Listing:

smiley mike · n/a
Come Fly With Me
Hysteria · n/a
Modified (Headroom Rmx)
Zen Mechanics · n/a
Acceptable Dissonance (Blazed Mix)
Rinkadink · n/a
Digitizauraus Trax
Hujaboy · n/a
A Little Bell in the Night
Electrypnose · n/a
Alternate Future
GMS · n/a
Organikka · n/a
Prime Time
Ace Ventura & Symbolic · n/a
Michael Jefferson
A.R.T. Conspiracy · n/a
Ask the Right Questions (Dirtyloud Remix)
Neelix · n/a
Audiomatic · n/a
Ace Ventura & Astrix · n/a
Brainstorm (Zyrus 7 Mix)
Splattered Implant & Zyrus 7 · n/a
Eternal Engine
Zyrus 7 · n/a
The Future (djsm Live Remix)
Liquid Soul, Zyrus 7 & Talla 2XLC · n/a
The World That You Know
Ace Ventura & Symbolic · n/a
Zyrus 7 · n/a
Ace Ventura & Liquid Soul · n/a
Ace Ventura & Juno Reactor · n/a
Aurora (djsm Live Mix)
Daniel Lesden & Mekka · n/a
Come With Us
Ace Ventura & Zen Mechanics · n/a
Our Moment (djsm Live Mix)
Ace Ventura & Loud · n/a
Own Reality
Skyfall · n/a
Beyond Gravity (Middle Mode Remix)
Egorythmia · n/a