Trancendance Episode November 9, 2014

Trancendance on 09-Nov-2014

10:00pm - 12:00am

dj Smiley Mike hard dance mix featuring tracks from James Lawson, Discam, Anne Savage, Hyperlogic, Technikal, Guyver, BK, OD404, Andy Farley,Vinylgroover, The Red He'd, Andy Whitby, Costa Pantazis, Captain Tinrib, Jay Lowe, Matt Clarkson, Adam M, Tenchy,
Classic Hard Dance feature (light on Can con and Playlist)

Track Listing:

smiley mike · na
Stalker (Hoodlums All Freaked Out Remix)
Jon Bishop · Tidy Platinum
James Lawson · Frantic Residents 01 (Mixed by Phil Reynolds)
Unstuck (UK Gold's Sunday Morning Redux)
Vox & Go · Tidy Platinum
Such A Good Feelin' (Barely Legal Remix)
Miss Behavin' · Tidy Platinum
I Be Cookin (Original Mix)
Discam · Return Of The Hardbox
Real Freaks (UK Gold Remix)
Anne Savage · Tidy Platinum
Music Is The Drug (Original Mix)
Lee Haslam · Tidy Platinum
Only Me (Stimulant DJs Remix)
Hyperlogic · Tidy Platinum
Never End (Derler Klitzing Mix)
Yoji Biomehanika · na
Rushin' (Original Mix)
Technikal & Guyver · Rushin' - Single
Insane (KY Jelly Babies Remix)
BK · Hard Dance Classics Volume 1
Say Yeah (Original Mix)
Bulletproof · Tidy Platinum
Whizz Bang (Original Mix)
OD404 · Return Of The Hardbox
Out Of Control (Dyson & Hilz Remix)
Andy Farley · Return Of The Hardbox
Man On The Moon (Original Mix)
Guyver · Hard Dance Classics Volume 2
Move Your Body (Original Mix)
Vinylgroover, The Red Hed · Return Of The Hardbox
Execute (Original Mix)
Greg Brookman, Kevin Energy · Hard Dance Classics Volume 2
Imagination (2009 Remix)
Andy Whitby · Hard Dance Classics Volume 2
Costa Pantazis & Guyver · Providence - Single
Keep Rockin' (Original Rave Mix)
Joe Masini · Return Of The Hardbox
Vanilla Coke (Original Mix)
Jody 6 · Return Of The Hardbox
Serious Sounds (Original Mix)
Guyver · Tidy Platinum
Manta 2 (Alien Trax Remix)
Captain Tinrib · Return Of The Hardbox
Power (Original Mix)
Jay Lowe, Matt Clarkson · Return Of The Hardbox
Kick It In (Original Mix)
Paul King · Return Of The Hardbox
Punk (Justin Bourne & Dynamic Intervention Remix)
Energy UK Dj's · Return Of The Hardbox
Recoil (Paul Glazby Done & Dusted Remix)
F1 · Return Of The Hardbox
Mad House! (Original Mix)
Adam M, Tenchy · Return Of The Hardbox
WEMF 2000
OS2 · na