Trancendance Episode September 14, 2014

Trancendance on 14-Sep-2014

10:00pm - 12:00am

Psychedelic and Goa Trance with DJ Solitare featuring tracks from Juno Reactor, Sonic Species, Ovnimoon, Psilocybian, Yar Zaa, Psibindi, Mechanimal, Triptych, Zetan Spore and more
interview with DJ Solitare on Juno Reactor, etc.

Track Listing:

smiley mike · n/a
Trans Siberian
Juno Reactor · n/a
Techno Viking
Martian Arts & Black Noise · n/a
Psychedelic Liberation (Killerwatz Remix)
Sonic Species · n/a
Ring of Fire (Live Mix)
Green Nuns · n/a
230,000 Miles
Bass Chakra · n/a
Omnipresent Technology
Ovnimoon & Rigel · n/a
Ultravijolicni Mind (djsm mashup)
Psilocybian vs. Yar Zaa · n/a
Cloud Riding
Yar Zaa · Lights and Shadows
Worm Hole
Yar Zaa · Lights and Shadows
Rebirth (Original Mix)
Psycraft & Dali · Perception Volume 3 - Compiled By Injection
New Age (Original Mix)
Technology · Predators
Chromatic Space
Psibindi & Mechanimal · Psychic Traveller EP
Here I Am (djsm Live Mix)
Triptych · n/a
Fractal Journey (Via Axis Rmx)
Terra · Expression Of One
Psyva · Golden Earth
Psychic Traveller
Psibindi & Aphid Moon · Psychic Traveller EP
La Fuerza Espiritual (Telepatic Remix)
Telepatic, 2012 · Psynapse
Psybernetic Ion Storm
Zetan Spore · n/a
Mental Model
Ziki Vs. Xerox & Illumination · Ziki - Eliminator