Third Time's The Charm Episode May 9, 2006

9:30am - 11:30am

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

last call at the toothless saloon
black halos · alive without control
make up your mind
the vacation · s/t
wolfmother · s/t
daggers · tear it to pieces
friday night
mind controls · s/t
got my mojo back
milky ways · s/t
eyes are closed
four 'n' giv'r · psychle
wizard's castle
leather uppers · bright lights
at the funhouse
fe fi fo fums · v/a-funhouse comp thing
smash your radio!
primate 5
wot u got
armitage shanks
no. 1 phantom killer
ape city r&b
tennessee rock'n'roll
rat traps · s/t
nervous shakes
ladies night · s/t
though i've tried
parallels · 1961 McLean
the northerners
turn-ons · parallels
london girls
vibrators · pure mania
can't figure it out
jolts · the jinx EP
super comet
spitfires · s/t
tell the lie
bellrays · have a little faith
she don't love me
little killers · a real good one
red and black
muldoons · live on WFMU
driver's licence
robot car
destruction boy
something in the way
bad girl
zakary thaks · v/a-i was a teenage caveman
blue girl
bad roads · v/a-pebbles vol.9
the thang (part 2)
eddie bo · v/a-saturday night fish fry
the only woman you can trust (mom)
new things · v/a-get a move on