Third Time's The Charm Episode February 7, 2006

9:30am - 11:30am

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

munsters theme
marble orchard · v/a-estrus half rack
hard up
witnesses · black eyes and white lies
copy cat
sweethearts · looks could kill
backstreet noise
rocket · girls with candy hearts
come on now
checkers · running with scissors
let's go to the dragstrip
nomads · v/a-all punk rods!
demon garage
gimme everything
young playthings · pick up with...
boys will be boys
manda & the marbles · angels with dirty faces
temporary teamwork
vancougar · losin' it
paper lanterns · love,...
listen to them
parallels · 1961 McLean
just that easy
spreadeagle · s/t
black halos · alive without control
wizard's castle
leather uppers · bright lights
don't you know
midways · pay more and get a good seat
move baby
subatomics · s/t
owe money
scat rag boosters · s/t
that's all
flakes · back to school
nut cop
splash four · v/a-all punk rods!
ain't goin' home
ghetto ways · live on WFMU
get up
rock me like a hole
die 4 u
beat me down
ghetto love
say yeah!
ghetto ways · solid brown
certain year'd something
hi-fives · v/a-all punk rods!
updated theme to supercar
man...or astro-man?
let's burn
lords of altamont · lords have mercy