Third Time's The Charm Episode January 3, 2006

9:30am - 11:30am

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

new year
living things · ahead of the lions
exit stagefright
black halos · alive without control
if you see kaye (tell her i love her)
turbonegro · party animals
getting it up for physics
m.o.t.o. · raw power
mars twist
guitar wolf · golden black
take me home (back to boone)
black lips · let it bloom
sour and vicious man
reatards · not fucked enough
don'r send me no flowers (i ain't dead yet)
reigning sound · home for orphans
these gallows
subsonics · die bobby die
sadie slye
flakes · back to school
fussy garbos
stoneage hearts · guilty as sin
root toot toot
bloodshot bill · v/a-zombie night in canada vol.2
big tear/tear
twin fangs · street sweeper
make up break up or fake it
cripples · culture
devil made me do it
river city tanlines · all 7 inches plus 2 more
frightening girl
clorox girls · this dimension
i can't work
briefs · steal yer heart
never get enough
top ten · s/t EP
self immolation
mind controls · s/t
say what you mean
krunchies · in de winkle
not funny
brutal knights · the pleasure is all thine
shake this joint around
rich hope & his evil doers · s/t
shin pow on our tail
cripple creek fairies · fire in yer hole
safe and out of reach
knucklehead · the new black list
evil eyes again
warlocks · surgery