Third Time's The Charm Episode April 12, 2005

9:30am - 11:30am

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Track Listing:

born to cry
gimme some truth
generation x
whips and furs
vibrators · pure mania
stiff little fingers
jam · this is the modern world
i must
scared of chaka · masonic youth
cashed out
what the cool kids say
kidnappers · s/t
whiteout in wyoming
huevos rancheros · spilt w/ MOAM?
Tokyo Topless
Tijuana Bibles · Fists of Fury
les breastfeeders · dejeuner sur l'herbe
10th ave. hustle
beladeans · s/t
murder on the moors
mish mash soul
harold ray live in concert · s/t
mish mash soul
combo kings · v/a-soul stomp!
mean man
betty harris
mean man
detroit cobras · baby
i'll close my eyes
ugly beats
do the stand
swingin' neckbreakers · kick your ass!
invisible men · come get some
fill that cup
thee oh-no's
black lips · we did not know the forest spirit made the trees
kids at school
peepin' tom
ladies night
on my mind
thee shams · please yourself
if you gotta go
my pride
les mods · bang sister bang
let me tell ya!
turn it up
winks · too hot to be this cool
State Line
Civet · Massacre