Third Time's The Charm Episode February 8, 2005

9:30am - 11:30am

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

kamikazes · s/t
good morning cigarette
kidnappers · s/t
i'm back
midnight tramp · s/t
monster child
reatards · s/t
gimme sopor
angry samoans · the unboxed set
you've got my number(why don't you use it?
undertones · best of
neighbourhood girls
barracudas · complete emi recordings
tokyo rose
i don't care
boys · s/t
fake fight
rondelles · fiction romance, fast machines
bangs · sweet revenge
bottom of the sea
fevers · go where the girls are
good time
red planet · we know how it goes
death by mixtape
lashes · the stupid stupid
descendents · milo goes to college
live strippers in action
forgotten rebels · the pride & the disgrace
turbonegro must be destroyed
turbonegro · scandanavian leather
SNFU · ...and no one else wanted to play
no tomorrow girls
black halos · v/a-five fingers of dr.x
burn it all down
raised by wolves · s/t EP
I see Fire
Rebel Spell · Expression in Layman's Terms
Nasty On · Citysick
fast zombies
das pussyhound · danger!
riff randells · s/t
briefs · hit after hit
where did he go?
c'mon squash me like a bug
singles only
this age
22nd century man
off the charts
ouch ouch ouch