Third Time's The Charm Episode February 1, 2005

9:30am - 11:30am

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

electric frankenstein · superkool
rock and roll records(ain't selling this year)
supersuckers · we're the supersuckers,we've come to rock the house!
easier said than done
c'mon · midnight is the answer
hong kong fury
datsuns · outta sight/outta mind
the year of manly living
gluecifer · get the horn
les habits de boisson
le nombre · scenario catastrophe
tear apart
makers · stripped
this mystic decade
hot snakes · audit in progress
we all fall down
explosion · black tape
saw it comin'
ends · concrete disappointment
the prowler
teenage knockups · keep hollywood out of winnipeg
she's so fine
squareheads · persona non grata
lids · s/t
spits · s/t
can't push me around
D.O.A. · live free or die
kick out the lights
nasty on · lester bangs EP
sally i can't go to the beach
briefs · sex objects
greasy fingers
beladeans · s/t
baby let me hold your hand
detroit cobras · baby
turpentine brothers · we don't care about your good times
heart attack
moaners · dark snack
blow the roof
flaming sideburns · save rock'n'roll
mini jupe et watusi
les breastfeeders · dejeuner sur l'herbe
dog man
whammies · s/t EP
all i really wanna do is cry
muck & the mires · beginners' muck
what do they eat?
coachwhips · peanut butter & jelly
all across the world
the fuse! · the fisherman's wife
to the victor goes the lamb
fatal flyin' guilloteens · split w/TMIBH
the only one
scared of chaka · masonic youth