Third Time's The Charm Episode January 18, 2005

9:30am - 11:30am

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Track Listing:

small town
das pussyhound · danger!
there's a girl
cheater slicks · don't like you
baby go
fireworks · s/t
rock me like a hole
ghetto ways · s/t
blood on my fangs
demon's claws · s/t
why can't i do?
turpentine brothers · we don't care about your good times
lay down this world
soledad brothers · voice of treason
just couldn't tie me down
black keys · rubber factory
bob log III · log bomb
mr. airplane man · moanin'
fat bottom
scat rag boosters · v/a-sympathetic sounds of montreal
baby i grind
les sexareenos
loretta lynn
sunday sinners
nard nest
evaporators · ripple rock
c'mon c'mon bring me down
nasty on · citysick
money(that's what i want)
barrett strong · v/a-uncut:summer of motown
international hip swing
beladeans · s/t
prison betty
girl trouble · thrillsphere
beatific morning
neatbeats · mercurial
do the syracuse
saturn V featuring orbit · s/t
twistin' USA
danny & the juniors · v/a-land of a thousand dances
chimpanzee twist
tijuana bibles · fists of fury
come on
moviees · become one of them
come on, come on
freddy cannon · s/t
i'll do anything
decibels · the big sounds of...
something to believe in
woggles · get tough!
my kinda girl
forty-fives · split w/everyday sinners
if you think
troublemakers · sounds of violence
i'll cry
reigning sound · too much guitar!
brown paper sack
untamed youth · sophisticated international playboys