Third Time's The Charm Episode October 26, 2004

9:30am - 11:30am

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

voodoo dolls
satelliters · hi karate!
stoneage stomp
gravedigger 5 · all black and hairy
creature from the lava lagoon
bomboras · savage island
down in the beast
jon spencer blues explosion · plastic fang
dark shadows
lost sounds · black wave
murderess in a purple dress
scientists · you get what you deserve
one way ticket
morlochs · emerge
el diablo
gruesomes · hey!
pajama party in a haunted hive
beat happening · black candy
haunted house of rock
satan's pilgrims · soul pilgrim
dracula has risen from the pond
troy gregory · laura
zombies have feelings too
fiends · a grave beginning...
raise up the dead
dead moon · destination x
dug my grave
fallouts · here i come and other hits
heatscores · light 'em up!
i ain't superstitious
howlin' wolf · greatest hits
monsters in the basement
enigmas · strangely wild
where do monsters go?
nekromantix · dead girls don't cry
morgus & the three ghouls
morgus the magnificent · dr. john-medical school
monster blues
dexter romweber · blues that defy my soul
cannibal woman
maggots · do the maggot!
devil woman
beladeans · s/t
crypt zombie hula
deadcats · v/a-zombie night in canada
southern culture on the skids · v/a-halloween hooteneanny
satan's pilgrims
wheelchair werewolf
tijuana bibles · fists of fury