Third Time's The Charm Episode September 7, 2004

9:30am - 11:30am

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Track Listing:

back to dungaree high
turbonegro · apocalypse dudes
10 A.M. automatic
black keys · rubber factory
closed casket
deadly snakes · ode to joy
horses with blinders
red onions · s/t
i just can't take it
sultans · shipwrecked
meet your demise
willowz · s/t
'll cry
reigning sound · too much guitar!
insomniacs · switched on!
no beast so fierce
sermon · volume
you shouldn't
starvin' hungry · damnesty
army of love
c'mon · midnight is the answer
hall of heros
three inches of blood · battlecry under a winter sun
notice of eviction
bronx · s/t
the drawback
explosion · red tape E.P.
blake st. valentine
toys that kill · flys
so stupid
briefs · sex objects
do the skin crawl
knockout pills · 1+1=ate!
still waiting
marked men · on the outside
you're so vain
orphans · everybody loves you when you're dead
wrapped in furs
red planet · we know how it goes
on my way back home again
illuminati · s/t
sixty days
l'attack · before we were millionaires
romantic rights
death from above 1979 · you're a woman...
the thing
starlite desperation · violate a sundae
violent letter
guitar wolf · loverock
bright side
paybacks · harder and harder
you bet on love and you lost
last vegas · lick 'em and leave 'em
lost generation breakdown
deadcats · v/a-speedfreak metabolism
hippy dippy do
rocket from the crypt · circa, now! +4