Third Time's The Charm Episode June 8, 2004

9:30am - 11:30am

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

sweat it out
mexican blackbirds · just to spite you
to the teeth
young heart attack · mouthful of love
sneakin' up on mr. prez
division of laura lee · das not compute
if you stand for nothing...
drunk horse · v/a-wantage hits
party the baby off
icarus line · penance soiree
White Tar
The Bronx · s/t
chickens · bring it on!
outta hand
u.i.c. · live like ninety
back to the past
starvin' hungry · damnesty
mexican courage
tijuana bibles · fists of fury
uptight tonight
reigning sound · too much guitar!
monsters everywhere
bloodshot bill & the hubcaps · v/a-zombie night in canada
how long
mr. airplane man · c'mon DJ
lost in the desert
demon's claws · s/t demo
hot pink
demolition doll rods · on!
art project
this moment in black history · midwesterncuttalistick
safety in numbers
fatal flyin' guilloteens · get knifed
t.v. glow
girls · s/t
save my soul
wimple winch · s/t
you'll never be mine
brothers grimm · s/t
she took my oldsmobile
romancers · s/t
i don't mind
girl after girl
my boyfriend's a killer
mouserocket · s/t
good thing going
bobbyteens · cruisin' for a bruisin'
sixty days
l'attack · before we were millionaires