Third Time's The Charm Episode May 25, 2004

9:30am - 11:30am

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

tommy shots
young heart attack · mouthful of love
i wanna be with you tonight
sultans · shipwrecked
the thump
demolition doll rods · on!
continue the mistake
this moment in black history · midwesterncuttalistick
clorox girls · s/t
she's hysterical
girls · s/t
doctor dan
marked men · on the outside
break my heart
kidnappers · ransom notes & telephone calls
orange alert
briefs · sex objects
pinball party
5,6,7,8's · ...can't help it!
turbo wave
gasoline · s/t
movin' and groovin'
jackie & the cedrics · 9 great stomps set!
beat girl
supersnazz · diode city
del gators · pound down!
proto sicko
von zippers · ain't worth payin' for EP
mag rims
neanderthals · shutdown 2002 B.C.
bust out
april march & the makers · sings along with...
deadly snakes
tijuana bibles · fists of fury
go go rock & roll
wheelchair werewolf
instantaneous death
cannibal woman
maggots · do the maggot!
maggot mocker
maharajas · unrelated statements
sounds · living in america
keep up the speed
sahara hotnights · jennie bomb
knock knock
hives · veni vidi vicious
you got me hummin'
reigning sound · too much guitar
when you touch me
alone again or
love · forever changes