Third Time's The Charm Episode March 2, 2004

9:30am - 11:30am

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

come on my baby
fevers · go where the girls are
wasted teens
red planet · let's degenerate
southern girls
cheap trick · essential
keith levine
fm knives · s/t
sniffin' glue
exploding hearts · v/a-dirtnap across the northwest
i wanna be your boyfriend
rubinoos · back to the drawing board
(let's do)the blackout
josie cotton · s/t
beg, borrow and steal
rare breed · v/a-best of the ohio express
for my woman
nashville teens · v/a-mod meeting
off the hook
dartford renegades · split w/little killers
you know he did
guess who · shakin' all over!
one, two,three,me
mondo topless · go fast!
make you mine
mr. airplane man · c'mon dj
thee midnighters · v/a-jump,jive and harmonize
i don't care
martinels · s/t
tell me pretty baby
screamin' joe neal · s/t
all alone
sunliners · s/t
it's alligator time
jimmy stokes & the exiles · v/a-jump,jive and harmonize
armagideon time
john ford · bullets for dreamers
now could be never
spreadeagle · s/t
she's hysterical
girls · s/t
trouble trouble
ponys · laced with romance
what good would it do
gung Ho's live on T-Bird Hell
satellite of doom
shakin' not sturdy
least of my worries
another lost weekend
bull dichotomy
this is rock and roll