The Vampire's Ball Episode February 28, 2013

Broadcast on 28-Feb-2013 Part 1

1:00am - 5:00am

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

Digitally Fuct · Audio Assault: Part 1
Let My Hatred Not Go In Vain
Onkunde · Audio Assault: Part 1
S.B.R. · Audio Assault: Part 1
The World Sodomized by Me and You Repeatedly
Ardleg & Ethnomite Pux · Necktar 2017 vol. 5
Three Phase Trinity [A Tribute to Meredith Monk]
Wild Worm Web · Necktar 2017 vol. 5
Dull Boy - Failure - Social Experience
Exomene · Necktar 2017 vol. 5
Mutate · Necktar 2017 vol. 5
Amaranthine Perpendickularie
Daevid Allen and Kwisp · Necktar 2017 vol. 5
Man Cannot Flatter Fate
NON · Back to Mono
Another Style of War
Brume · After the Battle
Exiting Spiral
Four Pi Movement · Murder in the RAW
Fiat Lux: A) Fiat Lux B)Maifestspiele C) Hirnlego
Einstürzende Neubauten · Haus der Lüge
Das Schaben
Einstürzende Neubauten · Halber Mensch
Einstürzende Neubauten · Kollaps
Zoviet France · Loh Land
Corvx de Timor · Scars Heal
Sandy Feet
Hilt · Journey to the Centre of the Bowl
Die Form · Ad Infinitum
We Said No [Sheffield University 1980]
Throbbing Gristle · Heathen Earth
Doubting Thomas · The Infidel
Download · The Eyes of Stanley Pain
In Strict Confidence · Utopia
Untapped Regions
Mentallo & the Fixer · Music from the Eather
Next Big Thing
KMFDM · Kunst
Unterstutzung 87
Hanzel und Gretyl · Born to Be Heiled
Techno Decepto
DYM · The Technocratic Deception
Suit Up
Blue Stahli · Antisleep vol. 03
The Reavers
Virtual Terrorist · Cyber Punks Unite
Say My Name
maQLu · Malfeasance
Raggedy Angry · Dead Beats
13 [God Damned Techno Slave Remix]
Scream Machine · 13: A Remix Compilation
Laugh Like Mutants
Caustic · The Man Who Couldn't Stop
Play Dead
Combichrist · Noise Collection vol. 1
Neon City Lights
Grendel · Timewave: Zero
Burning Skyline
Front Line Assembly · AirMech
Crawler [Splatter Mix by Roger Jarvis]
Hex Rx · Serial Hex Addict
People of the Sun [Distorted Memory Remix]
iVardensphere · I Dream In Noise: Remixes vol. 2
Da Tweaker Tweaks
Kill City Kids · False Creep
The Grand Purple Monstrosity
Drowning Susan · Purgatory
Echoes Are Everything [Vuxnut Remix]
W.A.S.T.E. · Humanity Needs an Upgrade
Kiddie Grinder
Marilyn Manson · Smells Like Children
I Machine
Halo In Reverse · Halo In Reverse