The Vampire's Ball Episode January 7, 2012

Broadcast on 07-Jan-2012 Part 1

12:00am - 4:00am

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

I Play Computer [Workman's Comp Mix By The Gothsicles]
Caustic · 666 On The Crucifix
Behind The Wheel [Mark Picchiotti Re Edit]
Depeche Mode · Behind The Wheel 2011
Machine Drum
Haujobb · New World March
Decree · Fateless
Skinny Puppy · Handover
ohGr · unDeveloped
Army of the Universe
Digital Decay
Atari Teenaged Riot · Is This Hyperreal?
The Great AmeriCon · Presents Cry For Death Vol. 1
The Wasteland That Is Me
16volt · Beating Dead Horses
Disease [VF Mix]
Dismantled · Presents Cry For Death Vol. 1
Pale [Kevvy Mental & Dave Ogilvie 'Rubber Unicorn' Mix]
The Birthday Massacre · Imaginary Monsters
Suck [Down On Your Knees Front Line Assembly Remix]
Skold · Suck
The Rapture [Fear Is A Mind Killa Mix]
Puscifer · Conditions of My Parole
Left Spine Down · Caution
The Bitter Years [Stratanz Mix]
Aesthetic Perfection · Presents Cry For Death Vol. 1
it's Not Human V.2
BlakOPz · Presents Cry For Death Vol. 1
Human Garbage
Psy'Aviah · Introspection Extrospection
Imperative Reaction · Surface
A Frog Bit Me
Kill City Kids · Fat Kids First
Dream Come True
Maqlu ·
Lustmord · Songs Of Gods and Demons
TRS-80 · Horizons
Mein Land [Mogwai Mix]
Rammstein · Mein Land
Dead Sun Rising
Gary Numan · Dead Son Rising
Faith In Yesterday [Kevvy Mental Remix]
The Rabid Whole · Autraumaton Remixed
This Morn' Omina · L'unification des Forces Opposantes
Juice [Feed Me Support Me Mixxx]
Revolting Cocks · Got Mixxx?
Superjet [Vince Clortho Remix]
Raggedy Angry
Witness [Sin City Remix by HiJacker]
Jakalope · Presents Cry For Death Vol. 1