The Spice of Life Episode May 14, 2015

On The Many Uses Of Garlic Salt

2:00pm - 3:00pm

Broadcast on May 14,2015
Wreck Beach, Garlic Salt, post rock
Shorts are more metal than pants, post rock, and for the last time, please do not snort garlic salt.

Track Listing:

Los Angeles 3600
Balacade · Malaise Era
Smoke & Mirrors
Atra Aeterna · Machinations (Remastered)
Black Moon Empire
Collapse Under The Empire & Mooncake · When The Sun Shines Through
Sphaeras x Two Seas · Moirai
Slow Heat Death
Flies Are Spies From Hell · Underdog Underfoot
Literary non-fiction
As The Poets Affirm · I Wanna Tell My Heart To You But I Cannot Say English
Water Fai · Girls In The White Dream
Amiina · Kurr