The Spice of Life Episode March 26, 2014

Dead Ghosts and Black Metal

3:02pm - 4:00pm

Broadcast on March 26, 2014
CITR is haunted by dead ghosts! Post black metal isn't that scary. Christian black metal exists.
In today's show we learned that CITR is haunted and a little bit about post black metal and how it really isn't as scary as people think!

Track Listing:

This is not where we are supposed to be
Epigram · Anything That Comes to Mind
Rain Won't Solve His Enigmas
Man An Ocean · This is not about who's gonna win
Gas In Veins
Amesoeurs · Amesoeurs
Destroy All Dreamers
Destroy All Dreamers · Demo EP
Vorcha · Vorcha EP
Cut All Trees
Matryoska · Laideronnette
Coldbones · Winter: 2014