The Permanent Rain Radio Episode September 23, 2015

All the Things You Believe | 23-Sept-2015

1:02pm - 2:00pm

Natalie was late to the party, but Chloe trekked on without her. Tune in to hear songs from Jasper Sloan Yip, The Wild Romantics, Fallbrigade, Bridal Party, The Jins, Selfoss, Lydia, and more. The ep. title comes from "The Mess," a synth rock jam by The Naked and Famous. In all actuality, the breakdown in the middle is a jam within itself.

Track Listing:

Selfoss · Aurelia - Single
Show Your Teeth
Jasper Sloan Yip · Foxtrot
Weakened Friends · Gloomy Tunes
One Love
Marianas Trench · Astoria
Can't Stay
Fallbrigade · Can't Stay - Single
The Mess
The Naked and Famous · In Rolling Waves
Little Pieces
No Operator · Little Pieces - Single
A Monday in May
The Wild Romantics · She Could Tell
I Lied
The Jins · S/T
Paper Love
Lydia · Run Wild
My Brother's Keeper
Bridal Party · Hot Daze
Charlie · Ghosts - Single