The Permanent Rain Radio Episode October 29, 2014

Debut episode of The Permanent Rain Radio | 29-Oct-2014

1:00pm - 2:00pm

First show! We mentioned the origins of "The Permanent Rain Press" and hence, "The Permanent Rain Radio."
Our first show! Chloe and Natalie discuss the origins of "The Permanent Rain" name and play some swell tunes from Morning Show, The Downtown Fiction, Alea Rae and more.

Track Listing:

Morning Show · Papershaker
The Haunt
Hollow Twin · Noctuary
Hear the Sound
Mayday Parade · Monsters In The Closet (Deluxe Edition)
hannah georgas · hannah georgas
Western Waves
She Divides · Gold
Take Your Heart
Zerbin · Touch
Boardwalk · Understand
The Downtown Fiction · Losers & Kings
Alea Rae · Flies & Lancaster
Ivory Hours · Mary
Red Horizon
The Oceanographers · Reuni on
The Permanent Rain
The Dangerous Summer · Reach for the Sun