The New Era Episode April 14, 2016

New Era April 14

8:04pm - 9:15pm

Interview with INPOWER founder Rozan Talevian...
In the studio with Haward Flavio and Just K

Track Listing:

Leaned Out
Just K x Shawry · single
Lil Uzi Vert · single
Groovy tony
School Boy Q · single
Lentra · no help
Gr8izZ · single
MVROE-Uber round your
EA WAVE · single
no limits
Wangechi · single
Kevin venom · single
shit(no help out now)
Lentra · no help
Take a flight
The afrolution · single
One last line
The afrolution · the afrolution will not be televised
Nala AG · single
The Deal
2 hunnit · single