The Jazz Show Episode January 3, 2005

7:00pm - 12:00am

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

back on the wagon again
four foot fingers · cause for concern
fine without you
alkaline trio · split with one man army
methadones · not economically viable
morning comes again
shanghai valentine · s/t
december is for cynics
matches · a santa cause
white riot
bitchy · sex & subversion
happy hardcore new year
walking ruins · xmas snertz
auld lang syne
me first & the gimme gimmes · ruin johnny's bar mitzvah
punk rock ruined our lives
closet monster · we re-built this city
keeping misery company
motel blonde · sex & subversion
ex machina
enemy you · stories never told
purple haze
peligro · purple haze single
get your feet out of my eyesockets
w.p.p. · he has the technology
fine art of falling apart
paint it black · cva
dead faith
ak-47 · free palestine
descendents · liveage
this ain't no picnic
minutemen · double nickels on the dime
jealous again
black flag · jealous again
masochistic world
husker du · zen arcade
how low can a punk get
bad brains · black dots
the sniper song
naked raygun · understand?
misfits · earth a.d.
kill the poor/drug me
dead kennedys · fresh fruit
terminal preppie/well paid
" · plastic surgery disasters
police truck/man with the dogs
" · give me convenience or
too drunk to fuck
" · "
soup is good food
" · frankenchrist
nazi punks fuck off
" · in god we trust, inc
meathook up my rectum
tumor circus · 7"
forkboy/mate spawn and die
lard · last temptation of reid