The Copyright Experiment Episode October 24, 2013

TCE #10 - With Special Guest The Passenger

11:00pm - 12:00am

24 October 2013
Interview with Jesse aka The Passenger
This week, we bring in local electronic musician The Passenger to talk about his abundance of free music, what makes vinyl special, and a project he undertook to get people to listen to his music. Then we are treated to a 40 minute DJ set featuring a selection ambient and beat driven Passenger tracks, including a couple soon-to-be-released. Listen in!

Track Listing:

November Ballad (The Passenger remix)
Francesca Bellacourt · November Ballad
That Time
The Passenger · That Time
Sunrise Requiem
The Passenger · \\\\_|
Sometimes Dreams Can Trick You
The Passenger · Sometimes Dreams Can Trick You
Sombre Landscape #6
The Passenger · Sombre Landscape
Whispering City
The Passenger · Whispering City
Daydream Orange
The Passenger · Daydream Orange
Negative Object
The Passenger · Negative Object
The Passenger · Wordsquare