The City Episode February 19, 2013

Chinatown: The Next Yaletown? // Vancouver Loses Independently-Owned Festival Cinemas

5:04am - 6:00am

Longtime anti-poverty activist Jean Swanson on the rapid pace of Chinatown's gentrification and Leonard Schein on the end of Festival Cinemas Vancouver's Chinatown is undergoing rapid transformation. The Carnegie Community Action Project's Jean Swanson discusses why a huge influx of condominiums and retail gentrification are threatening to displace the neighbourhood's low-income residents ??and why the city is approving these major developments before the completion of the Downtown Eastside local area plan.

Independently-owned Festival Cinemas has been sold to Cineplex. The City talks with co-owner Leonard Schein about why he is calling it quits, the challenge to operate cinemas independently, and what the city and province should do to help arts and culture thrive.